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The Energy Authority was created by and exists to serve public power utilities. Our culture and values reflect our public power roots and allow us to better serve the needs of our clients.

By partnering with TEA, our clients are able to achieve the scale and scope of operations needed to compete in the wholesale energy market. TEA currently works with over 50 public power clients. We represent over 30,000 MW of peak demand and 24,000 MW of installed generation capacity across the U.S.

We also work to bring our clients together to learn from each other. Please visit our What’s New page to learn about upcoming events.

Public Power Affiliations
Case Studies
TEA Expertise Supports Large Midwestern Client in Fast Integration
A large Midwestern client purchased a 707 MW natural gas combined-cycle facility in July of 2011. The then under-construction facility would begin commercial operations in January 2012. Although the client had an extensive generation fleet using a mix of fuels, this was the first natural gas-fired plant to be added. The client had less than six months to obtain the risk management and physical gas supply capabilities it would need to supply the new plant.

TEA Market Presence Across RTO Increases Values for Missouri Municipal
A Missouri municipal Partner of TEA joined the Midwest Independent System Operator in April 2005. While their load was internal to the Midwest ISO, the Partner had 86 MW of hourly firm energy in the Southwest Power Pool market that was sinking at MISO external interfaces. This energy could be actively re-marketed across the two Regional Transmission Operators to increase the Partner’s revenue and provide more predictable cash flow.

TEA Optimization of Wind Resources Augments Municipal Revenues
Two TEA Partner municipals were managing approximately 230 MWs of demonstrated wind capacity within the Midwest Independent System Operator. Considerable transmission congestion caused unfavorable and even negative pricing conditions at the generators’ respective commercial pricing nodes. These factors created a pricing environment conducive to a variety of strategic generation offer alternatives.

TEA Services Insulate Clients from Cold Weather Price Volatility
In 2014, an extremely cold winter caused electric power and natural gas prices to skyrocket in many parts of the country. As a result, many of our clients were exposed to extreme price spikes for fuel and purchased power. Clients still had an obligation to serve their loads, requiring quick, coordinated decisions to be made with millions of dollars at stake.


Scott Miller

General Manager – City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri

quote_symbol1 Being a member of TEA gives City Utilities a great advantage in these challenging times.  The TEA staff and leadership team are excellent and they act as an extension of the CU team.  Whether we are transitioning the utility into the SPP Integrated Market or managing our fuel and energy risks, TEA is there to help us manage our risk and keep our rates low for our customers.

Wayne Nelson

Chief Executive Officer/General Manager – Clark Public Utilities

quote_symbol1 The importance of working with an organization such as TEA that has the respect of the major credit rating agencies cannot be underestimated. TEA's depth and breadth of experience brings instant credibility to a utility facing the challenges the Bonneville Power Administration Slice product presents. We depend heavily on TEA’s ability to optimize the hydro portion of the Slice product and appreciate what their analytical capabilities bring to our Risk Oversight Committee.

Richie Arnold

Chief Executive Officer – Conway (AR) Corporation

quote_symbol1 When MISO expanded into the MISO South region in 2013, we were faced with an entirely new market paradigm.  Moving from a fixed price contract into an RTO posed many challenges and complexities for our utility.  TEA partnered with our staff to understand our needs, navigate the market transition, and develop a customized risk management plan that considered all aspects of our portfolio.  TEA’s breadth of expertise provides a great deal of comfort as we make both day-to-day and strategic decisions about the direction of our utility.

David Geschwind

Director of Operations & COO - Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA)

quote_symbol1 We are heavily impacted by all aspects of MISO. The relatively recent startup of the MISO ancillary services market has added a new layer of complexity to our operations, and with TEA's help, we were well prepared when the market began. TEA continues to provide the support we need to successfully function in the ever-evolving MISO market. Working with our staff, TEA provides a depth and breadth that would be difficult and costly to duplicate in-house.