About Patrick L. Pope


Patrick Pope was appointed president and chief executive officer of the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) in 2011. He previously served as the utility’s vice president and chief operating officer, and earlier as its vice president of energy supply. He joined TEA’s board in 2004.

Mr. Pope joined NPPD in 1979 as an electrical engineer and has also held the positions of distribution planning engineer, district operations superintendent, regional operations superintendent, regional manager, energy control center manager, and vice president of energy delivery in October of 2003. He is a member of the Large Public Power Council's CEO Steering Committee and is the CEO sponsor of the LPPC Environmental Task Force.

Mr. Pope graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1979 with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and earned a master's degree in business administration in 1995.

NPPD, Nebraska’s largest electric utility, is a public corporation and political subdivision of the state of Nebraska. NPPD and its partners work closely on many issues to bring the best, energy-related services possible to Nebraska’s electric consumers at affordable rates. As the only wholly public power state in the nation, Nebraska utilities have a unique relationship and a common purpose: to provide low-cost, reliable service with local control. Initiatives between NPPD and its partners ensure the advantages of public power are brought to all Nebraskans.

To learn more, visit www.nppd.com.

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