TEA Solutions, Inc. (TEA Solutions) is pleased to announce that it will begin providing services to Energy Keepers, Inc. for the Kerr Hydroelectric Project of Montana in September of 2015. Energy Keepers, Inc., a corporation of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, is TEA Solutions’ first client.

(JACKSONVILLE, FL - May 5. 2014) The acquisition of the Kerr Hydroelectric Project represents additional milestones, as the Salish and Kootenai Tribes will become the first Tribes in the United States to own and operate a major hydropower facility.

TEA Solutions will provide resource analysis, model design, power management and trading, portfolio management, risk control, contract negotiation services and back office support for the project. "TEA has earned a reputation for excellence in providing similar services to public utilities in the Pacific Northwest and welcomes this opportunity to grow our national footprint through strategic partnership with Energy Keepers, Inc. and our new TEA Solutions venture. TEA Solutions is honored to be the entity chosen to partner with Energy Keepers, Inc. in this exciting endeavor," said Joanie Teofilo, President & CEO of The Energy Authority and TEA Solutions.

TEA Solutions is a newly formed sister company of The Energy Authority. TEA Solutions was created to provide portfolio management, RTO trading, bilateral power trading, power supply management, and natural gas trading services, to community-owned utilities. TEA Solutions leverages the capabilities of The Energy Authority, which is currently collaborating with 50 public power utilities nationwide to help them optimize the value of their generation and load portfolio in wholesale energy markets in a manner that is consistent with each utility's unique risk tolerances. TEA Solutions is co-located with The Energy Authority and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, with offices in Seattle (Bellevue), Washington, and Portland, Oregon.

"We are pleased to begin this partnership with TEA Solutions, their expertise will support the management of our power marketing activities upon the acquisition of the Kerr Project," said Brian Lipscomb, CEO of Energy Keepers, Inc. "The Energy Authority's solid foundation built from working with public power utilities across the nation, along with their state-of-the-art technology and dedicated resources, will help us to respond competitively in the changing market."

SXʷNQ̓EʔELS L SUW̓EČM / KSUKⱠIⱠMUMAⱠ ʾA·K̓͏AⱠMUKWAʾITS, Inc., which does business as Energy Keepers, Inc., is tasked with managing the acquisition of the Kerr Project on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

Otherwise known as Kerr Dam, the facility is located about five miles southwest of Polson. It encompasses a three-unit hydroelectric plant with the capacity to generate up to 194 megawatts of electricity. Currently, the Tribes have the opportunity to acquire the Kerr Project in 2015 under provisions in the current Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license. The Tribes have given notice they are exercising the option to acquire the dam in 2015 and they will become the first Tribes in the nation to own and operate a major hydropower facility. Ultimately, owning and operating Kerr Dam will be historic for the Tribes as they continue to maintain and manage important natural resources within the Flathead Reservation. For more information, please visit www.EnergyKeepersInc.com.
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