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August 25, 2022

TEA Announces Launch of STORA –
Solar + Storage Optimization Engine

Jacksonville, FL – July 16, 2022 —The Energy Authority (TEA) celebrates the grand opening of theRedwood Coast Airport Microgrid (RCAM), owned by the Community Choice Energy provider, RedwoodCoast Energy Authority (RCEA), and built by the Schatz Energy Research Center, both of HumboldtCounty, California. As RCEA’s scheduling coordinator, TEA dispatches the […]
October 23, 2021

The Energy Authority and Seven Northwest Public Power Utilities Announce Strategic Partnership to Join Next Phase of Western Resource Adequacy Program

The Energy Authority and Seven Northwest Public Power Utilities Announce Strategic Partnership to Join Next Phaseof Western Resource Adequacy Program (Bellevue, WA—October 22, 2021) The Energy Authority (TEA) is pleased to announce its participation in the next phase of the Northwest Power Pool Western Resource Adequacy Program (WRAP), in partnership […]
March 11, 2021

The Energy Authority Announces New General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer

Jacksonville, FL – March 11, 2021—The Energy Authority (TEA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Barbara Miller, Esq., as its General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer. Bringing the role of General Counsel in-house was a strategic decision, and Ms. Miller’s education and experience make her uniquely qualified to serve […]
Upcoming Events
June 19-21, 2017
Orlando, FL

APPA National Conference
Get engaged with utility professionals and experts across diverse sectors of the US energy industry at the American Public Power Association’s annual National Conference. TEA’s in-house experts will be presenting at interactive sessions about Best Practices in RTO Markets and will give an overview of Physical Power Trading. You can also learn more about TEA’s Connected Analytics initiative that helps public power utilities leverage data analysis to improve operational efficiency.

September 6-7, 2017
Fulton, MO

MISO User Group Meeting
Hosted by TEA and City of Fulton, MO. Meet with like-minded MISO public power utility professionals to discuss timely issues impacting the ISO and our industry.

September 17-20, 2017
Nashville, TN

APPA Business & Financial Conference
The Business & Financial Conference attracts utility professionals in the areas of customer accounting, customer services, accounting, finance, human resources, information technology, pricing, and market analysis. An excellent opportunity to network and get the latest information from experts in the fields of business and finance. Stay tuned for more information on topics and activities.

August 22-24, 2017
Jacksonville, FL

TEA Knowledge Center
The purpose of TEA Knowledge Center is to share energy industry knowledge and provide training solutions to professionals who engage in our industry. This inaugural TEA Knowledge Center event will be a multi-day educational experience comprised of on-site training sessions in risk management, physical natural gas, and physical power trading.

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