CONNECTED ANALYTICS CONNECTED ANALYTICS Unleash the power of your AMI data Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is the next great opportunity to deliver enhanced value to your utility and customers. Fully leveraging the vast data sets to deliver transformational results is a complex proposition. Some common roadblocks include: • Access to analytical experts who understand utility operations • High cost and low flexibility of AMI management software • Constantly evolving datasets It is difficult to know where to start. TEA’s Connected Analytics service combines our organization’s 21 years of utility experience, industry-leading analytical expertise, and the collaborative spirit of public power to unleash the potential of your AMI data. Connected Analytics provides customized answers and action- able insights for your specific needs, bridging the gap between data management and advanced analytics. UTILITY ANALYTICS VALUE CURVE OMG! Geez we have a lot of data! DATA FORTRESS Data stored, secured and available BASIC REPORTING Answers “what happened?” BUT not intuitive, limited presentation BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Dashboards, dynamic data use. Answers “what happened?” now more intuitive EXECUTION Leveraging real and near real-time data 1 2 3 4 5 7 6 PREDICTIVE Modeling and planning based on historic data BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION Business process change initiated by analytics- derived information VALUE TIME